sugestion to make a day whit no smoke granades,or no flames day (flamepistole+ incendairy botlle) or no explosives like granades ,launchers or anything that your aim will dicide if your a good player. i heard some people say thing like this so maybe worth a try.

Keep it up

hey mate, keep the hard work and never mind others. there is no comparison between your efforts and that trash. people appreciate your hard work. trust me they can the quality. all the best. ;p

BFV update 70.1 Notes

Battlefield 5 update 7.1 patch notes:   Battlefield V Patch Notes – Update 7.1 Weapons m, no more. K31/43 is no longer able to fire an extra bullet while switching firing modes K31/43 no longer has accuracy issues Welrod now properly has 6+1 magazine size and...