We are currently lacking Admins to start and moderate all our Servers 🙁 for various reasons some are taking a break from the game, others have things going on in their countries and others just have to focus more on their life or work. Which is why we decided to ask you for your help
The times when admins are mainly needed are for starting the server for 1 to 2 hours and on weekends to moderate Type 2A users when it’s forbidden.
Players of any skill level are welcome
If you are interested and want to help us to continue being able to enjoy our Servers please contact Matthew7991#6636 on our Discord. If you have questions before feel free to ask him as well or write a comment.
If you don’t want to be Admin you can still help us by simply joining the Server as soon as possible when it’s started or just by reporting people ingame or in our Discord with the player name, the reason and the scoreboard position.

We are currently also looking for a conversation with feedback on our Discord