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We may update these Service-specific Additional Terms and Conditions (1) to reflect changes in our Services or the way we operate – for example, when we add (or remove) new services, features, technologies, pricing or benefits), (2) for legal, regulatory or security reasons, or (3) to prevent misuse or harm. If you`re under the age to manage your own Google Account, you`ll need your parent`s or guardian`s permission to use a Google Account. Please ask your parent or guardian to read these Terms with you. It is important to understand these Terms because by using our Services, you agree to these Terms. The MovieClips Trailers account on YouTube has a “Channels” tab on its main page where users can find all the channels offered by MovieClips Trailers: For example, MovieClips Trailers is a popular YouTube account that gives access to official movie trailers before they are available elsewhere. Some Google services have additional age requirements, as described in their additional terms and policies specific to the service. Our additional service-specific terms and policies contain additional details about the appropriate behavior that anyone using these services must follow. If you find that others are not following these rules, you can report abuse in many of our Services. When we respond to a report of abuse, we also offer a fair trial as described in the What to do if something goes wrong section. By law, you are entitled to (1) a certain quality of service and (2) ways to resolve problems in the event of a problem. These Terms do not limit or remove any of these rights.

For example, if you are a consumer, you will continue to enjoy all legal rights granted to consumers under applicable law. The company also mentioned that it is Google`s sole responsibility to inform its users of Rule 5 of India`s Information Technology Rules (Intermediate Guidelines and Code of Ethics for Digital Media, 2021) that if the user is a publisher of news or content on current affairs, they are obliged to provide details of your accounts on YouTube to the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting. Government of India. If you are a parent or guardian and authorize your child to use the Services, these Terms apply to you and you are responsible for your child`s activities on the Services. If you have a Google Account, we`ll link your account to a country (or territory) so we can determine that YouTube can show ads in videos created by anyone who isn`t involved in the platform`s partner program, without giving them some of the money. As of June 1, the video platform will have the right to monetize most of the content on its website in accordance with the updated Global Terms of Service. It will also ban the collection of personal data via facial recognition and change the way it pays creators. Here`s what marketers need to know about the changes. Except for the rights and obligations described in this section (in the event of problems or disagreements), Google will not be liable for any other losses unless caused by a breach by our partners of these Terms or the Service-specific Additional Terms.

Some of our services contain content owned by Google – for example, many visual illustrations that you see in Google Maps. You may use Google Content in accordance with these Terms and any Service-Specific Additional Terms, but we retain all intellectual property rights we have in our Content. Do not remove, obscure or modify any of our trademarks, logos or legal notices. If you would like to use our brand or logos, please visit the Google Brand Permissions page. .